Blockchain: Bringing Accountability and Transparency to the Food Supply Chain


The application of blockchain technology has transformed many businesses and the food supply chain is no exception. It is transforming the entire food industry by increasing transparency, efficiency and collaboration throughout the food tracking system. It is an incorruptible digital ledger,that stores records for every product – when it was made to when it was […]

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Energy Management in CRE in Post Construction Phase

Energy Management In CRE | Vestian

The previous article talked about energy management in CRE during construction. Here, we talk about how to best manage and conserve energy in post-construction phase. Building management can be very complex, as it involves multiple systems working together at the same time. Seamless management of these systems leads to smooth operations.   So here are […]

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CES: A future that is now, here.

Top CES Trends - Vestian

CES, touted as one of the major technology events of the year, attracts tech enthusiasts from all over to be the first to witness the latest shifts in technology. While about 3900 exhibitors showcased products of every kind this year, the key highlight was automation.  From self-sufficient smart home technologies to robots, CES painted a […]

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