Concierge Services – Creating Better Workplace Experiences

Concierge Services | Vestian

  As the marketplace continues to be highly competitive, more and more attention is being paid to enhancing the workplace experience. Companies around the world are focused on creating a workplace that enables a culture of trust, boosts productivity and ultimately increases their business performance. Employers are cognizant of the fact that an effective work-life […]

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Sustainable Crypto Mining

Sustainable Crypto Mining | vestian

With the advent of cryptocurrency, came crypto mining, the process in which transactions for various forms of cryptocurrency are verified and added to the blockchain digital ledger. Use of cryptocurrency and the technology behind it a.k.a blockchain have disrupted businesses, including CRE processes and systems which will get more efficient, secure, transparent and decentralized. Traditionally, […]

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How Blockchain is Disrupting Project Management in CRE

Project Management

  This article looks at the impact of Blockchain on project management. While we have touched upon impact of Blockchain technology on brokerage services, what is its impact on project management? The decentralized public ledger, synonymous with blockchain finds application in Project Management, where there is a possibility to establish private “Permissioned  Blockchains”. Privately held […]

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Implementation of Blockchain in CRE

Block Chain In CRE

From wariness to widespread acceptance, Blockchain technology has come a long way.  The underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies, is slowly but steadily altering the business scape, real estate being no exception. The new generation/ current crop of  real estate startups are building applications on blockchain technology to deal with the complexities and ambiguities associated with real […]

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Designing for Disassembly: Sustainable Building Construction

Why Design For Disability

The US alone produces over 500 million tons of construction and demolition waste that ends up in landfills annually. This is due to the fact that most of the material like gypsum wallboard, timber, and metals from demolition/ dismantling, that can be reused or recycled is not recovered. Not only does it pollute the local […]

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