Major implications of the GST rate cut on under-construction houses and affordable housing

Major implications of the GST

The GST Council on Sunday has finally come out with the decision that was long awaited by the real estate industry and prospective home buyers. It had, on last Wednesday, deferred the decision to consider a reduction in tax on under-construction houses to Sunday, 24th February. The Council announced its decision to slash the GST […]

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Blockchain: Bringing Accountability and Transparency to the Food Supply Chain


The application of blockchain technology has transformed many businesses and the food supply chain is no exception. It is transforming the entire food industry by increasing transparency, efficiency and collaboration throughout the food tracking system. It is an incorruptible digital ledger,that stores records for every product – when it was made to when it was […]

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Impact of Land Constraint on Data Centres

Impact Of Land Constraint On Data Centres | Vestian

Cloud computing and IoT have increased the amount of data that is being generated and stored, thereby driving growth of the Data Centre construction market. Today, even small and medium-sized businesses are looking to have their own data centres. This rising demand for data centres has led to a scarcity of land available for building […]

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Facilities Management Services Market – An Overview

Facilities Management Services | Vestian

It is forecasted that the FM market is to see rapid growth in the next five years, with the APAC region becoming the largest FM market in the world by 2025 driven by economic growth, commercial construction and a rising culture of services outsourcing. This being the case, firms have come to realize that partnering […]

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