Tenant Improvement

Why Tenant Improvement? | Vestian

Tenant improvement allowance is an important factor in lease negotiations. It is a type of agreement that states that the landlord will compensate the tenant for all or a portion of funds required to fit-out in the leased commercial space. When entering into a new lease agreement, both tenants and landlords need to be clear […]

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Agile Workplace

The Agile Workplace | Vestian

As companies focus more on about how employees work and what they need to be effective, the concept of agile organisation is emerging as the new dominant organisation paradigm. Companies from startups and online businesses to world-class organizations such as Google and Deloitte have started employing the ideas of agile, where employees can complete work […]

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Demand for Medical Office Spaces on the Rise in the US

Rising Demand For Medical Office Spaces | Vestian

While the absorption rate of office spaces is slowing down, the absorption rate for healthcare sector office spaces has increased drastically. The vacancy rate has shown a similar trend when comparing the medical office buildings and the overall office market, though construction of new healthcare facilities and buildings has not increased much, many investors are […]

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Intellectual Property and Data Protection in Today’s World

Intellectual Property & Data Protection | Vestian

Consider this, a firm contracts an employee from an IT company to work on a project. After completion of the project, the contract employee publishes the code written for the project on a public platform online. This is not a hypothetical scenario, but something that has actually happened. Another instance is that of Chinese intelligence […]

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