Energy Management in CRE in Post Construction Phase

Energy Management In CRE | Vestian

The previous article talked about energy management in CRE during construction. Here, we talk about how to best manage and conserve energy in post-construction phase. Building management can be very complex, as it involves multiple systems working together at the same time. Seamless management of these systems leads to smooth operations.   So here are […]

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Energy management in the CRE

Energy Management | Vestian

Buildings account for 40% of the world’s energy usage. That being the case, focusing on sustainable practices and green energy generation in the construction industry will have a positive impact on the environment. Why the sudden rise in demand for Green buildings? The consequences of increasing carbon footprint such as scarcity of clean drinking water, […]

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2019 Blog | Vestian

The real estate industry in India is going through what can be described at best as ‘interesting times’.  Policy changes in 2017 led to a lot of expectations of 2018, including easing of teething problems with RERA and GST .and a new order of transparency and efficiency. While 2018 lived up to a fair number […]

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