Designing your workplace for neurodiversity

Humanizing today’s workplace for a brighter tomorrow

Neurodiversity refers to a range of differences between people’s brain function and personality traits. According to studies, approximately 15-20% of people at the workplace are neurodivergent, meaning 15 to 20% of the workforce fall in the autism, attention deficit hyperactivity or dyslexic spectrum. The rest of the workforce falls in the neurotypical spectrum. The sea […]

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Union budget 2023-2024

The Union budget 2023-24 held much significance, given that several issues required priority consideration, this being a run-up to the electoral year in 2024. Expectedly, it has put increased emphasis on infrastructure, agriculture, green energy, job creation and restructuring direct taxes, in order to boost an economy affected by global slowdown while assuaging voters as […]

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