Pantone Colour of 2023

Pantone Colour of 2023

Pantone Colour Institute has been influencing all aspects of colour design and trends for years. Every year the institute comes out with a colour for the year, and this year’s colour is “Viva Magenta”, a colour that signifies hope for a bright year. Hope & Optimism!

An assertive colour,  Viva Magenta is defined with positive superlatives. The shade is derived from red and without being aggressive or dominating unlike the colour red, it signifies power, exuberance, happiness and optimism. Optimism is exactly what the world needs now!

This splash of colour is precisely what we should be implementing into our interiors for a perfect and lively makeover. It is an uplifting and versatile color, complementing a variety of hues and can make any space come alive, feel warm and comfortable, while not being overpowering.

This vivacious, bright and bold colour can be incorporated into the workplace with decor accessories such as lampshades, cushions, wall hangings and portraits. The colour viva magenta also exudes a certain level of playfulness, excitement and creativity. Additionally, one can also add some floral fragrance to their surroundings with the touch of viva magenta by using flowers particularly magenta in colour. Displaying a floral arrangement of this colour prominently on a center table in a room, or a foyer can add life to the space, uplift the mood and make it cheerier.

Optimism is something we could all do with now, and it will be exciting to see how architects are going to make the perfect use of this colour in the coming year….



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