Space Differentiators

Space Differntiators | Vestian

Space differentiators of yesterday, like grand lobbies, fitness center, outdoor gathering spaces or smart elevators were envisioned to add value to the office spaces. In fact, for a while it did, till the modern worker stopped seeing value in these. Furthermore, if we consider the use of such facilities and compare it with the cost […]

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Coliving in the shared economy

Coliving, perhaps the hottest trend after co-working, is being fueled by the rise in a shared economy. Spearheaded by millennials– students and young professionals alike, the concept means different things to different people. Coliving spaces, are nothing but shared accommodations providing plug-n-play rooms with facilities & amenities such as in-house cooks, wi-fi, laundry services, security […]

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Virtual Technology in Commercial Real Estate

Virtual Technology In CRE | Vestian

As virtual technology becomes more affordable, accessible and easy to use, it is also gaining greater popularity with real estate developers. Comprehensive virtual open-house tours are gaining traction as a person living thousands of miles away can easily visit and select office spaces without physically travelling to the location. This trend is saving travel cost, […]

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