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Energy Management in CRE in Post Construction Phase

Energy Management In CRE | VestianThe previous article talked about energy management in CRE during construction. Here, we talk about how to best manage and conserve energy in post-construction phase.

Building management can be very complex, as it involves multiple systems working together at the same time. Seamless management of these systems leads to smooth operations.  

So here are a few tips for energy efficiency in CRE post construction-

Real-time monitoring
Many companies have started to install comprehensive metering systems that monitor energy usage at their facilities. Monitoring real-time energy usage can help analyze usage patterns, identify potential areas of concern or issues within the system and help optimising energy use.
Preventive maintenance
Be it a leaky faucet or damage to the AC coil, the system’s efficiency reduces drastically. Facility managers often face a great challenge today in implementing preventive measures, as the effects are not immediate and hence sometimes, it gets overlooked. Not to be ignored, preventive maintenance can substantially increase the lifecycle of an asset.
In case of older buildings, retro-commissioning is the answer. Just like a car, buildings also need maintenance to last for years. As the buildings get older, the energy efficient designs that were commissioned earlier might not work anymore. Retro-commissioning helps in improving the efficiency of existing buildings or devices.

HVAC Optimization
HVAC accounts for more than half of the energy expenditure thus, its optimization is a must for greater cost savings. Start with measuring the energy consumption to keep track of usage. Fault detection and Diagnosis (FDD) helps identify issues and helps take timely corrective action. Also, replacing aged equipment such as chillers with new energy efficient ones help save energy costs for the long run.

BAS technology

Advanced Building Automation System (BAS) solutions have surfaced as the potential game-changer in energy management in CRE. These assist facility managers in controlling multiple mechanical & electrical systems on a single platform with greater integration and connectivity.

To read more on intelligent BAS solutions :

These are but a few pointers.
If you are serious about energy conservation in your operations, hiring professional facility management professionals is a step in the right direction. They have the expertise and the necessary know-how to ensure building operations efficiency and leave you to focus on your core competency.

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