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The State Of Work Life Balance

Researchers have revealed that employees today are exhausted a 100 times more than a generation ago. This issue has raised alarm bells and led to many individuals, communities and organisations to look at ways to create harmony between work, life and wellness. As much as employees need to work towards improving their life, it also becomes the responsibility of the organisation to provide right environment to its employees.

Companies that are known to provide the best work life balance are: Nokia, Autodesk, Google, Nike, Wegmans, and Pfizer. Many others are following their footsteps to create a better ecosystem. For instance, Motorola engages employees in their LIVESMART program that talks about health and wellness. Some companies provide training programmes to their managers in order to better supervise and guide their teams.

Some countries are known to provide a healthy work-life balance (see chart). France has limited work to 35-hours a week and insists that employees disconnect from mails once they leave office. Sweden mandates a minimum 05 weeks of paid vacation for its work force.

WLB graph

Singapore heads as a country that works the longest hours in the world. Government is initiating programs to bring balance therein. 

Studies reveal that companies who look after their employees better are higher on productivity and engagement. This has led to organization wide efforts to better the work environment through innovation and technology. Employee-friendly initiatives like flexible work hours, open workspace, recreational facilities, café, healthcare packages, employee engagement programs, art, culture, hobby promotion programs are being incorporated into mainline work culture to promote employee welfare on multiple levels.

Vestian, believes that it’s the people, the employees that make an organisation.To that effect, we have put together a platform that combines people and a popular sport – cricket to create the REVA Vestian Cup, an annual corporate cricket tournament.  Conceptualised by Vestian and organized in collaboration with REVA University, the tournament is aimed at encouraging a healthy balance between work, life and wellness. A pro bono event, with 42 teams and 55 matches, it is also the largest corporate sporting event in Bangalore.

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