Retro Design Trends

Workplace – The term often connotes a place that is serene and designed minimally with clean lines, in order to facilitate unwavering focus. Well, times are changing, and so are the expectations from the workplace how it should look and feel like. Today, a large number of companies are willing to try out workplace designs that are bold and vibrant, that inspire employees and at the same time, make them feel at ease, which is precisely what Retro trends offer – a sense of dwelled-in yet luxuriant, old yet new feel.


Retro Designs in Workplaces

Retro Design Trends are picking up steam like never before. Also known as Vintage Design Trends, these refer to the mid-century design sensibilities which were dominated by the use of bold colours, vibrant visuals, rich textures and more importantly a distinct characteristic that almost speaks for itself. One of the most flattering aspects of this trend is the fact that it can be seamlessly incorporated into every aspect of an office – right from vintage pieces and a large artifact at the entrance to the murals and graphics across the corridors. And that’s not all. Retro style has the potential to uplift every space imaginable, a dainty café, a collaborative corner, a mini library, a mini-sports zone and much more. And let’s not forget, some simple design tweaks with the doors and windows can help bring in the charm of the good ol’ days, almost instantaneously.


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Elements of Retro Design Trends in Office design

Don’t know where to begin? Well, here are some basics that you can start with.


Retro Shapes – Shapes inspired from the 60s and 70s like diamonds, ovals and circles are making a comeback. A vast number of organisations are increasingly comfortable with the idea of adapting these shapes in their office design, as part of their ceilings, wall cut-outs for artefacts, planters and more strikingly, in their furniture designs.


Retro Textures – When it comes to integrating retro textures, having some sheen works wondrously. Yet another aspect that most designers aim for is that much-coveted ‘lived-in’ or ‘comfy’ look. This gives the design an authentically aged appeal, which is why it does not come as a surprise that the previously minimal office tapestry and upholstery are being swapped in for vintage fabrics that are comparatively richer in their make and colours.


Retro Fonts – A quick google search is all that’s needed to find a retro-style font that fits well with the interiors of your workplace. And once the font is zeroed-in on, graphic designers can truly have a field day in terms of using the same for design features like wayfinding, reading nooks, recreation areas, cafes and more.


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It is no doubt that Retro Design bring about a very earthy, old school yet rich vibe to the workplace, and a much-desired shift to a more colourful and vibrant appeal. This, in its own way, makes the workplace a fun place to be in. The only thing that remains to be seen is the extent to which organisations can and will embrace this fascinating trend.


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