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Making Your Workplace Work For You

The ever-evolving job market and workforce demographics are making it a challenge for employers to find the right employment strategy. A 2016 survey by Gallup indicated that worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged in the organization that they work for. Employee engagement has become integral to organizations as there exists a direct correlation between employee engagement and company growth. It is a fact that companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their contemporaries. Creating a workspace that fosters creativity, comfort, innovation, and collaboration can aid in retaining talent to a great extent.

What are the elements of a good office space?

  1. The freedom of movement:

    The newest trend in office design is offering more space to move about. It not only promotes physical activity, but also creates an environment for free exchange of information, thoughts and ideas. Increased physical activity, in turn, leads to increased endorphins in the body, thus alleviating stress, as well as promoting creativity and well-being at work

  2. Creation of mixed spaces:

    A balance of designated quiet spaces, huddle spaces and open seating, offers employees privacy and avenues for collaborative work. Removing physical barriers in the workplace like tall cubicles and replacing them with airflakes and other partition options offers the best of both worlds.  

  3. Scope for interaction:

    Creating recreational breakout spaces like cafeterias, break rooms, game rooms afford employees a place to interact with each other outside the work context. This experience enriches the employees’ experience of the job itself and promotes camaraderie and cohesion within the organization.

  4. A creative outlet:

    Addition of colors, textures, soft seating, lounge areas help promote creativity. It is a proven fact that, psychologically, colors, lighting, ventilation help boost productivity, creativity amongst individuals. If companies create a culture that nurtures creativity not just at work but also at how individuals present themselves, their desk or their environment, employees will feel more confident with their ideas.


It is 2017 and companies cannot shy away from the fact that employees seek more than just a ‘job’. They seek an extension of themselves and a wholesome experience at work. Optimum utilization of space, a splash of creativity, a dash of color, all add to creating an environment where employees can thrive. How employees engage or interact with the physical space around them greatly influences the perception of the company itself. Hence, the importance of workplace design and its role in furthering company culture/ perception cannot be overemphasized.

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