Five Steps To Driving Down Occupancy Costs

5 Steps To Driving Down Occupancy Costs | Vestian

Did you know most organizations only effectively use 60% of their portfolio? More people are working outside of the office – at home, cafes, coworking spaces, etc. As workplaces transform to meet the needs of the evolving workforce, strategic and flexible occupancy planning can significantly impact cost and improve experience simultaneously.

Need clearer guidelines for how much space you really need? Want to achieve cost savings, while improving efficient, productive workplaces? Follow these 5 steps.

    1. Validate current space utilization with optimal space planning and modern design trends – Check out our new space calculator that allows you to build, design and right-size your future workplace
    2. Review lease terms to confirm contractual obligations and identify vacating or disposal opportunities
    3. Evaluate timely alternatives based on negotiated terms, project costs, and accounting impact
    4. Champion the best real estate cost saving or monetization strategy that is consistent with organizational goals, enables operational agility through flexibility, and secures the business presence with proper controls on escalations.
    5. Execute seamlessly within budget and minimize operational disruption.


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