Workplace Wellness -Ushering in Smart Building 2.0

Today healthy building strategies are more crucial than ever to get back to work. As people spend majority of their time indoors, the spaces need to be as healthy as possible. A typically healthy building strategy includes enhancing ventilation and filtration, focusing on layout of space that accommodates social distancing norms and requires visitors to wear proper personal protective equipment. These necessities have led to a rise of smart buildings now, more than ever.

Embracing new technology and making your building smart is the new smart thing to do for your business. So what do we actually mean when we say smart building? Simply put, smart building is  a term used for spaces that are combined with a mix of individual sensors and devices such as occupancy sensors, smart cameras, automated controls for HVAC & lighting, all networked into an automated solution in a connected environment. Over the years growing technology and IoT solutions have brought  valuable insights to building managers by connecting building systems with IoT sensors & devices, making it easy to collect data, translating it into information to assist in making  smarter,informed decisions.

Not only that, it  also facilitates and improves employee wellbeing and performance Take for example, smart lighting system, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, office chairs and desks, coffee machines, and how the entire office space is utilised. Smart technology collects data from these elements and generates automated, pre defined responses that improve employees health and productivity.  One of the biggest contributitors towards illness today is stress. At work,it can be triggerred by inadequate lighting/room temperature and/ or poorly designed workspaces. This may result in employees constantly feeling tired, having mood swings, headaches, resulting in lack of concentration and lower  productivity levels. This can be resolved by opting for a solution like temperature and light sensors which can modulate/ control the settings such that the resultant environment is optimal from an employee stand-point.

In the current situation, owners and  developers who were on the fence with regard to digital changes and adoption of smart technologies have also committed to these investments given that the benefits far outweigh the investments. This is not only from energy management and space utilisation perspective, but also from assisting to provide a safe and healthy work environment. Given the recent emphasis on return to a healthy and safe environment, it is no wonder the resistance to adoption of these technologies has melted away. Such an investment will also go a long way in addressing the needs of the potential tenant not only in the present times but also in the future, making the space more attractive to the tenant.

In fact, according to a recent Gartner report, 47% of businesses are planning to increase investment in  IoT. Companies are now looking at going digital completely, using smart technology to optimise everything, right from occupany to energy use, to improving sustainability and well being.  Smart Building 2.0 is here and how.


Your business is changing and so is your real estate/ workplace needs. Our SMEs, workplace consultants have assisted many companies navigate this transition and  enabled smarter work environments. If you are looking at upgrading your office or building, reach us at



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