Case Study

Sector: Computer Software and Services – Outshining Larger Competitors

China’s leading stock market software provider is expanding rapidly, and their multi-building campus in Shanghai had to be big to accommodate their growing workforce and on-site data needs. For such a large and complex project, the company naturally invited the biggest names in project management to compete for the deal. But instead of choosing one of the biggest companies, they selected the firm they thought would do the best job, and the eventual results confirmed they had made the right call.

The project encompassed four buildings totalling about 145,000 square feet, including a large data center and office space to accommodate more than 1,700 employees, increased to nearly 2,000 during the construction process. The biggest challenge was speed— site construction and data center infrastructure needed to be completed in about 10 weeks.

Vestian team won the business not with the lowest bid but by demonstrating throughout the bid process that they understood the client’s needs, and had the dedication and expertise to get the job done. They made good on that promise by working long hours, including spending almost every weekend on-site. As with every assignment, Vestian principals were engaged throughout the assignment.

As a result of Vestian’s extra-mile service, the project was delivered on time and well under budget. The client’s senior management team expressed its satisfaction to its corporate real estate director and to the Vestian team, who received a commendation letter complimenting them on a job well done.