Case Study

Trucking, transloading and warehousing facilities

A prominent trucking, transloading and warehousing company turned to our experts to help secure truck terminals, tank washes and trailer parking in five states across the U.S. Historically, the company had utilized different brokers in each market to negotiate leases. We were charged with securing facilities but also in bringing stability and continuity to its real estate portfolio.

The initial project was to locate and negotiate the purchase of a tank wash, mechanics shop and trailer parking facility. We determined the optimal location for the facility based on customer pool and to also save drive time between washes. The client had very specific requirements related to size, access to city water and utilities, drainage, ceiling height and pricing. Once the facility was identified, Vestian oversaw the process of obtaining competitive bids for design and construction of a wash bay.

Vestian’s performance on the first project led to multiple projects in other states. These projects included leasing existing facilities and land as well as acquiring land for a new operation. Each project presented a new set of challenges with locations, building standards, fenced-in lot requirements, etc. The team at Vestian searched properties on the market but also investigated off-market options to guarantee complete market coverage. Vestian continues to utilize these experiences to work with this client and others in the trucking industry on all their real estate needs.

Project Highlights
  • Transaction and project management for tank wash, mechanic shop and terminal, saving 90 miles roundtrip
  • Secured trailer parking in markets to accommodate drivers within close proximity of customers
  • Uncovered an off-market opportunity to house operations in a new market–20 percent discount from market rate
  • Transaction management on new leases in existing markets
Services Provided
  • Multiple acquisitions and leases of facilities and land