Capital Markets

Create maximum leverage. Reject “Market Deals.” Position your tenancy as a strength. Significantly reduce operating expenses.

Space Utilization

Assess existing locations and determine optimal use of space. Benchmark space requirements to reduce your rental occupancy cost.


Forecast demand for space and facilities. Improve the level of sophistication and develop a strategic model.

Reduction Of Rental Obligation

Create competition and leverage to reduce occupancy costs. Negotiate in advance. Assess opportunities to trade tenancy for capital.

Early Termination Of Leases

Seek early termination of lease agreements. Realize savings of 20%. Leverage your portfolio and terminate leases prior to the expiration date. Explore viability and value by introducing early termination options in new leases.

Multi-Location Strategy

Review opportunities where you lease multiple locations from one landlord. Reduce overall occupancy cost and implement buy-outs where there is a need to vacate and expand into other locations.


Identify capital-raising strategies. Maximize real estate return on capital deployed in real estate. Manage taxable gains including 1031 exchanges and advanced tax strategies. Minimize payment of taxes from real estate activities.

Releasing Properties

Pursue purchasing long-term strategic assets with select investors to lower rental cost. Provide additional capital investment or reap gains for corporation.

Precap Program

Fund long-term capital for build-to-suit/redevelopment opportunities. Lock into rates based on the current yield curve. Avoid paying potential spread in 12-24 months.

Success Story

Business Events Trigger Opportunities

Business change events – whether strategic (acquisition or expansion) or tactical (one-off real estate transaction) – offer material opportunities to reduce occupancy costs and/or drive increases in profit for a company.

With increasing institutional ownership and rising rents in the industrial sector, getting ahead of lease renewal notice dates is more important now than ever before. It’s also a great time to understand your options when it comes to monetizing your company’s owned assets.

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Reduction in occupancy costs between 19% and 29%

Raising EBITDA between 11% and 23%

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