Smart Cities: International Funding towards Growth & Development

Smart Cities-part-5 feature | Vestian

Part 5 of the article series details how international funding is aiding the growth and development of Smart Cities in India The Indian government requires funds to develop Smart cities. Instead of burdening tax payers, the key to increase national treasury is to encourage existing global tie-ups & form new associations. The Union government has […]

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Smart Cities: Government initiatives and funding

Smart Cities: Government initiatives and funding | Vestian

4th article in the series focuses on Government initiatives and funding of Smart Cities in India The objective of the smart city mission is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure, decent quality of life, clean & sustainable environment and include application of ‘smart solutions’. Government has come up with various initiatives to support the […]

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Smart Cities- Strategies adopted by the Smart Cities’ Mission

Smart Cities:Strategies adopted by the Smart Cities’ Mission | Vestian

3rd article in the series features various strategies adopted by the Smart Cities’ Mission to improve, revive, extend & create a smarter India Technology with democratic governance has paved a way for economic growth in India. The Smart Cities Initiative aims to rejuvenate the identity/ character of many existing Tier 1, Tier 2 cities and […]

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Smart Cities: Selection & Implementation

Smart Cities: Selection & Implementation | Vestian

In part 2 of the Smart Cities series, we take a look at selection criteria, implementation and launch of the program. The pillars of ‘Smart Cities’ are green environment & utilities, smart buildings, e-governance, transportation, healthcare, water & waste management, smart urban planning, IT and communications, public safety, education and clean energy. Criteria for entry […]

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