Changing macro environment & the CRE market

Is Germany’s loss, India’s gain?

When India became the 5th largest economy surpassing the United Kingdom, it was envisioned to take the 4th spot by 2024-25. This dream is likely to become true early as the 4th largest economy in the world, Germany, slumped into recession. Output in Germany, Europe’s largest economy, dropped by 0.3% during the first quarter of […]

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Greenfield projects: Boosting real estate growth prospects

Greenfield projects

A key factor today driving business value of any company is its workplace proposition. Companies have always been on the lookout for quality office space that provides a conducive working environment. This has further been consolidated post conclusive research on how a good workplace is crucial to improving productivity and efficiency of employees; and post […]

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Looking forward 2023: Consolidating new strengths

Looking forward 2023

The year 2022 wrapped up an eventful period, interspersed with mounting apprehensions regarding geopolitical headwinds emanating from several global predicaments, and yet, offset by robust market sentiments as seen in the office and residential markets of the country. While the pandemic subsided to a great extent, the economy remained largely on the back foot owing […]

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Flexible workspaces: A continued journey in 2022

The office market sector in India has been witnessing uncertainty for the most part in the past two years. It has taken several hard decisions and various strategic permutations on the part of the industry players to keep afloat and strive towards relative normalcy during the pandemic-induced hardship. One such approach that has been suitable […]

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REITs in India: On an Upward Trajectory

REITs, today, are increasingly being preferred as a viable investment option as they are real estate asset backed, operated and maintained by trusts. While the share of REITs in the overall real estate market capitalization is quite substantial on a global scale and have been in existence in the west since the 1960s, the current […]

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Looking back 2021: Resilience in the Face of Tribulations

Indian real estate went through one of its most challenging phases in 2020 as industries across the globe observed severe constraints in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. The period witnessed some of the harshest upheavals in the real estate industry in modern times, encompassing even the otherwise robust office market of the country and […]

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To build or to refurbish?

Net zero commitments have increased rapidly over the years as countries, cities and businesses have pledged to create a more sustainable future. As real estate and the built environment is responsible for more than 40% of global carbon emissions, the sector has a significant role to play in achieving the net zero targets. Decarbonizing has become […]

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Fractional Ownership In Commercial Real Estate in India – Viability And Outlook

The past few years have witnessed a plethora of investment avenues opening up for the discerning investor in the country. With an increasing number of people veering towards an alternate income source, largely to fulfil their aspirations and fortify their retirement corpus, fractional ownership in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) has emerged as one of the […]

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The Delta Variant Is Causing Doubts. What Can CRE Expect?

2022 was supposed to be a year of accelerating growth as we recover from the pandemic, especially for commercial real estate sectors that were particularly hard hit, such as retail, office and hotels. While the economic prognosis is still good, the Delta variant is raising doubts about top line forecasts. What can CRE expect in […]

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