Case Study

Fannie May Lease Administration


This client had an existing Visual Lease subscription, but had no day-to-day management in the tool or lease administration function. Leases were not abstracted, and the lease data was inaccurate, excluded or not current.

As a long-term Transactions Advisory and Project Management provider for this client, Vestian had built credibility across our existing service delivery model. The client naturally sought Vestian to manage their Lease Administration needs in order to centralize their real estate processes.


As internal resources became more limited, Vestian saw the opportunity to show how a centralized lease administration function could help streamline data updates and provide more visibility using the technology they were already paying for.

Vestian provided a real time, audited view into the client’s portfolio with enhanced reporting, alerts for key critical dates, and one source of the truth for all departments to refer to.

Vestian’s specific delivery for this client included:

  1. Vestian abstracted all leases
  2. Uploaded key data and clauses into the Visual Lease tool
  3. Customized data fields that were unique and important to the client
  4. Developed standard reporting tools for the client.

The solution enabled the use of the data to support day-to-day operational decision making with a comprehensive view of the entire portfolio and develop site specific tactical game plans based on key critical dates.

Key highlights

Vestian proactively manages key critical dates and portfolio data as the checks and balances for strategic and no-regret decision making for:

  1. Leveraged negotiations in transactions
  2. Project management engagements with prioritized capital planning
  3. Facility maintenance

Accurate and real time data enable:

  1. A centralized and integrated model to execute successfully
  2. More confident long-term forecasting
  3. Agility from efficient scenario planning, including temporary or short terms shifts in business strategy
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