Case Study


Refresh of 23 Retail Stores

Fannie May teamed up with Vestian to investigate, coordinate and execute a plan to refresh and rejuvenate 23 store locations across the Chicagoland area. The client sought Vestian’s project team because of their unique ability to deliver a streamlined solution.

The entire project had to be scoped, planned, permitted, and constructed in under 2 months in order to be complete before the busy holiday season. Vestian, together with Fannie May, prioritized the available funding to make the greatest impact to the stores and was able to successfully complete the entire program in time to unveil the new stores before the holiday season began.


The overarching process included site visits, budget development, scope and prioritization, general contractor selection and project management.

Vestian’s project team visited 23 Fannie May stores, mostly in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. We looked for issues or aspects of each store that were particularly worn down or outdated. In the interior, primary areas of concern were dated carpeting, wall coverings and paint. On the exterior, refreshing focused on parking lots, signage and build façade.

Due to the tight schedule, Vestian carefully vetted the market for the right General Contractors that could deliver highly competitive pricing while remaining flexible for both schedule and scope adjustments. Vestian’s internal expertise and superior vendor network consistently delivers quality results for our clients.

Key highlights

20-25% increase in sales due to remodelled and refreshed stores.

Vestian identified the scope items that would have the greatest impact with least cost across all locations, maximizing the value of the overall budget.

Streamlined approach maintained competitive bidding while shortening overall schedule to complete program before Holiday season.

The success of the refreshes led to expanded project scope to include three complete remodels, which are currently being executed.

Vestian has led the team in every aspect of the process, from design development to construction completion, etc.


Fannie May 1 Fannie May 2 Fannie May 3 Fannie May 4


Vestian concluded projects for all 23 locations before the holidays and within budget. After the refreshing of the stores, Fannie May saw a 20-25% increase in sales. Due to the success seen, the client expanded Vestian’s scope to refresh a broader portion of their portfolio including the complete remodel of three retail stores. This project is underway. Vestian has led the team in every aspect of the process, from design development to construction completion and more.


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