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Smart Cities and CRE: Vestian Leads the Discussion

How will smart cities and smart buildings impact commercial real estate? Vestian brought together government and transit leaders, corporate real estate end users, top legal minds, and industry veterans with Smart Cities experts Melanie Nutter and Brenna Berman to discuss this exciting and evolving topic. Melanie opened the discussion by describing the potential environmental benefits of […]

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Why Intelligent Buildings Require ‘As A Service’ Model for Their BAS Management

Building Management
An Intelligent Building works seamlessly across processes, platforms and systems to provide building users with the best possible outcomes for a great user experience. The basic elementof an intelligent building is Building Automation System(BAS), which comprises of HVAC, Lighting Controls, Fire and Safety, Power meters, alarms and faulty mechanism warning systems to list a few. […]

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3D mapping technology is a new vision and solution for the real estate industry. Imagine walking through the built environment to an unlimited level of detail, from visualizing the interiors with varying arrangements of furniture to changing the colors painted on the walls. This technology has the power to transform a design into a vivid […]

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Key Strategies To Consider During a Corporate Relocation

During a life cycle of a business, it may undergo multiple phases of expansion, consolidation, and contraction. The need for relocation can occur at any point of time; and can be stressful and a drain on resources if not handled properly. Here are few points to keep in mind before getting started: Proper Planning Relocation requires careful planning due to the significant impact […]

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Smart Cities Revisited

  The ‘Smart Cities Mission’ announced in India two and a half years ago has been one of the Modi government’s most ambitious projects’. The intent is to make the citizens’ quality of life a sustainable and friendly one through restoration and retrofitting of cities. As per the selection process carried out by the government, […]

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Robotics & Cognitive Automation in Real Estate

The pervasive nature of robotics combined with new developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), has thrown open doors to endless possibilities, especially in business. There are many discussions about robots, their uses, and limitations. In fact, robots have recently been embroiled in an international debate surrounding their right to be called a ‘citizen’ after Saudi Arabia […]

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How Can Companies Benefit From IoT?

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday life and changed our lives. Introduction of IoT has furthered efficiency to an extent where remote offices halfway across the world, can be managed with little or no human intervention. With as little investment as one IoT sensor per square foot in a  building; companies can […]

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What makes Marathahalli ORR a thriving office destination?

The Marathahalli ORR stretch has been a hub of commercial activities; a home to many Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. With operational office space of approximately 19 million sq ft, this region is characterized by large multi-tenanted IT parks and SEZs. Notable office projects include  Prestige Tech Park, Divyasree Technopolis, Bagmane World Technology Park, […]

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Hebbal: One of the most sought-after office destinations in Bangalore.

Hebbal is emerging as one of the most sought-after office destinations in Bangalore. With the availability of operational office space of approximately 14.4 million sq. ft. encompassing a radius 5 – 6 kms, it is a preferred micro-market in the region. One of the key factors promoting Hebbal as an office destination is its well-established […]

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