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Union budget 2023-2024

The Union budget 2023-24 held much significance, given that several issues required priority consideration, this being a run-up to the electoral year in 2024. Expectedly, it has put increased emphasis on infrastructure, agriculture, green energy, job creation and restructuring direct taxes, in order to boost an economy affected by global slowdown while assuaging voters as […]

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Life sciences sector in India: Untapped prospects

Life sciences sector in India
India has a rapidly growing pharmaceutical industry, it presently ranks 3rd in the Asia-Pacific region amongst the top 12 biotech destinations in the world. While the sector for a prolonged period, operated under the umbrella of manufacturing sector or ‘other industries’ and was even considered a standalone facility, it has achieved many milestones in the […]

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Internet of Behaviour – Providing Valuable Insights

Today there are 17.1 billion IoT devices in operation. This coupled with rapid progress in machine learning abilities, has paved the way for a new technology IoB (Internet of Behavior).  An extension of IoT, data is collected from multiple IoT devices and modelled to gain insights into users’ behaviour, interests, and preferences, Existing technologies like facial recognition, […]

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Redefining The Workplace: Privacy & Collaboration

Workplace design has witnessed a drastic transformation over the past decade. In the post pandemic situation, the focus is more on providing a work environment that is fluid and creates a balance without any regimental demarcations. In fact, design trends of 2021 portend towards making employees more comfortable and providing them with a work environment […]

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Retro Design Trends

Workplace – The term often connotes a place that is serene and designed minimally with clean lines, in order to facilitate unwavering focus. Well, times are changing, and so are the expectations from the workplace how it should look and feel like. Today, a large number of companies are willing to try out workplace designs […]

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Real Estate Sector in 2020: The Opportunities in Hindsight

The ongoing COVID-19 situation has lent a severe blow to most economic activities, impacting industries across the board. Real estate has been one of the hardest hit sectors by the pandemic-induced crisis, but on hindsight, it has been observed that despite the damage caused, every crisis presents opportunities to think out of the box, survive […]

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