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Mindfulness + Flexibility = Work Life Balance

Flexible work arrangements allow us to have better grip on our lives, a better work life balance as some would say. But blurred boundaries is also a part and parcel of flexible work arrangements. Often without a regular routine, one could fall into irregular sleep patterns, irregular meal timings and this could impact one’s circadian […]

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Making Biophilia Work For You

Biophilia has been gaining popularity over the years and we have seen many organisations incorporating biophilic elements in their workspaces. Biophilic design is not just about plants and greenery, it is also the use of natural materials. It allows humans to not only be around nature, but use it to preserve physical, spiritual, and mental […]

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WFH And Work-Life Balance

The current pandemic led to almost all organisations adopting work from home or WFH overnight. The overnight adoption of this model left no doubt in one’s mind about the workability or suitability of this model. Now that this essential question has been answered, the next set of questions involve creating a work life balance, while […]

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