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Breaking Down – People Centered Design II

The Part 1 of this article, had summarized the evolution of the workplace from what was once regimental to what is Empathetic and People Centered, today. The article sheds light on the heightened awareness amongst users and the sensitization that they have gone through, over the years, which makes them mindful of the space they […]

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Breaking down: People Centered Design

In the shifting landscape of workplace trends, the future of the workplace constantly changes. Workplace through the years – Biggest informers of workplace design in the half of the last century has been the departure from manual work to more evolved technology and economy. Economy, influenced design experience in the workplace as well as molded […]

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Mindfulness + Flexibility = Work Life Balance

Flexible work arrangements allow us to have better grip on our lives, a better work life balance as some would say. But blurred boundaries is also a part and parcel of flexible work arrangements. Often without a regular routine, one could fall into irregular sleep patterns, irregular meal timings and this could impact one’s circadian […]

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Pantone Colour 2024 & The Workplace

Pantone Colour 2024
This year the Pantone Colour Institute has unveiled “Peach Fuzz” as the Colour of the Year, introducing a warm and comforting palette that promises to reshape the ambiance and dynamics within the professional sphere. The colour “Peach Fuzz,” with its velvety gentleness, embodies a spectrum of emotions, evoking feelings of gentleness, warmth, coziness and energy, […]

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Virtual Reality – Bridging The Skill Gap In The Construction Industry

Virtual Reality - Bridging The Skill Gap In The Construction Industry
That there is a skill shortage in the real estate sector is not something new. Add to it that it is one of the larger employers in the country, and one is staring at a bleak picture. This is where technology steps in, in a bid to bridge the gap. What is theoretically taught and […]

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Technology Modernizing the Workplace

Technology Modernizing the Workplace
In the ever evolving landscape of work, the past few years have witnessed a rapid adoption of digitalization that has transformed the way we work. Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of addressing employee needs in the workplace and technology is playing a pivotal role in this. By leveraging technology, organizations can improve employee experiences, […]

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2024: Real Estate Sector’s Growth Prospects Look Promising

As major economies of the world grappled with recession, Indian economy witnessed significant growth across sectors on the back of strong fundamentals, robust demand, and government-led investments. As per IMF’s World Economic Outlook Report in October 2023, Indian economy expanded by 7.2% in FY23, the highest amongst major economies of the world. Following the same […]

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Environmental Graphic Design & the Workplace

Environmental Graphic Design
The ‘+’ elements of design are features, largely a combination of components that are engaging and enlightening to the user, over and above the design of a workspace. These elements are strong pieces of art that communicate a message. Ever thought about your impressions of a place, any place- a workplace, a museum, a resto-bar, […]

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Soundproofing: A crucial element of good workplace design

A well designed, employee centric workplace is incomplete without the right acoustics. Sounds drastic, doesn’t it? Overdramatic? Not really. Our immediate environment has a huge impact on us and our health and wellbeing. With so much importance being accorded to employee health and wellbeing, it is time that we shine the light on the sound […]

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Lighting & the Workplace

It has been proven that lighting has a vital effect on an employee’s productivity & efficiency. Given the physical and psychological effects lighting has on human beings, poor lighting conditions can not only lead to exhaustion, lethargy, irritability, but can also act as a trigger point to raising the incidence of conflicts among employees in […]

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