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2024: Real Estate Sector’s Growth Prospects Look Promising

As major economies of the world grappled with recession, Indian economy witnessed significant growth across sectors on the back of strong fundamentals, robust demand, and government-led investments. As per IMF’s World Economic Outlook Report in October 2023, Indian economy expanded by 7.2% in FY23, the highest amongst major economies of the world. Following the same […]

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Reflecting on 2023: The Indian Real Estate Market is on the Upswing

The year 2023 started with high expectations to achieve stability amid global macroeconomic uncertainty and geo-political conflicts. Amid global headwinds, India’s GDP growth rate outshined major developed economies of the world, strengthening the growth prospects of the nation. The resilience of the Indian economy along with strong fundamentals reflected in the real estate market during […]

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Changing macro environment & the CRE market

Is Germany’s loss, India’s gain?
When India became the 5th largest economy surpassing the United Kingdom, it was envisioned to take the 4th spot by 2024-25. This dream is likely to become true early as the 4th largest economy in the world, Germany, slumped into recession. Output in Germany, Europe’s largest economy, dropped by 0.3% during the first quarter of […]

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Union budget 2023-2024

The Union budget 2023-24 held much significance, given that several issues required priority consideration, this being a run-up to the electoral year in 2024. Expectedly, it has put increased emphasis on infrastructure, agriculture, green energy, job creation and restructuring direct taxes, in order to boost an economy affected by global slowdown while assuaging voters as […]

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Real estate investment in Q4 2020: Rising above the crisis

Real estate is undoubtedly one of the key decisive sectors impacting the growth of a country’s economy. The fact that a robust real estate sector aids in strengthening a host of other ancillary sectors holds much import for a developing economy. Over the span of a decade, India’s real estate sector has witnessed a paradigm […]

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Union Budget 2017-18: Pledge to a “concrete” roof for All

In a quest to increase transparency & accountability, the Union Budget 2017-18 outlined several pro-poor, pro-agriculture, pro-infrastructure initiatives today. While inclusion of Railways, Civil aviation and Water transport was anticipated to be categorized under “Infrastructure”, interestingly FM also considered “Affordable Housing” under his commitment to drive promising infrastructure in our country. Although “industry status” was […]

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