Key Strategies To Consider During a Corporate Relocation

Posted on 2018-04-30
Key Strategies To Consider During a Corporate Relocation

During a life cycle of a business, it may undergo multiple phases of expansion, consolidation, and
contraction. The need for relocation can occur at any point of time; and can be stressful and a drain
on resources if not handled properly.
Here are few points to keep in mind before getting started:

Proper Planning
Relocation requires careful planning due to the significant impact on the entire workforce,
productivity, and profitability that is likely to occur during the transition period. The key to moving
forward is to plan ahead and be decisive even in the face of uncertainty. Make sure that the desired,
required, and specified technical aspects of the project are a good fit for the objectives and goals set
Team Building 
Putting together the right team of people to manage an office move is the vital, next step in the
relocation process. A good, balanced team should include people who help facilitate all aspects of
the move, including both internal and external members. The project management team must focus
on the nuances of the business and corporate culture, as much as the technical aspects of the project
in consideration. This team will guide you through the process, minimising the stress and will
typically save time and money in the long run through effective planning and ensuring that critical
mistakes are avoided.
Setting up a Reasonable Time Frame
Setting up reasonable time frames around relocation activities and milestones is equally important.
Develop a project schedule, so that there is clarity and no mis-communication amongst all
stakeholders. List all resources and assign responsibilities. Creating an outline of every step in the
moving process brings in accountability and ensures necessary tasks are completed as per the
timeframe agreed upon. Additionally, downtime and loss of productivity are kept to a minimum.

Adhering to Legal Framework 
Legal issues surrounding an office move are paramount to the ongoing success; and security of the
business. Asses and analyse any document before entering into any legal contracts. Determine if
non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are needed before engagement, to minimise exposure to
potential liabilities. It's important to keep a tight lid on the implications of the more detailed terms
in the final lease documents, to ensure you are fully aware of your ongoing responsibilities.

Relocation efforts take significant time and energy and often detract from doing “business as
usual,” so it is important to plan carefully and ensure support from all stakeholders - including the
leadership team and dedicated, experienced resources to ensure a smooth move management.

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