Case Study

Not-For-Profit Primary Healthcare System

Occupancy and Workplace Planning


This client came to Vestian in need of Occupancy and Workplace planning for two of their administrative locations. With much of their staff having the ability and desire to work remotely, the client wanted to optimize and restructure their existing office space in order to reduce costs.

Vestian reviewed administrative spaces and staffing to identify opportunities to enable productivity while balancing remote and in-office working for employees.


The Vestian Occupancy and Workplace team implemented a Remote Work Study. The study focused on two administrative locations. Vestian analyzed results of survey to produce space programs used to inform the client’s future real estate strategy. The surveys identified employee requirements for frequency of in-office work and collaboration as well as their needs for workstations, offices and conferencing.

Key Findings

  • 39% of employees able to work remotely at least part time
  • 37% reduction of existing footprint
  • Most employees able to participate in workstation/office hoteling scenario
  • In-person collaboration and conferencing needs remain relatively unchanged
  • Leverage value of tenancy and market to secure concessions and lower rent to reduce 2021 real estate expense and go forward run rate
  • 39% increase in employees working remotely
  • 37% reduction in overall real estate footprint