Quantum Communications: Unhackable Network

Posted on 2017-11-16
Quantum Communications: Unhackable Network

Computers use machine language to communicate using binary code 0’s and 1’s. A recent phenomena quantum computer uses Qubits – data that can exist in both states of 0 and 1 simultaneously, thus empowering computer to hold and compute complex information.

The launch:

China is the first county in the world to start this next generation internet communications despite its restrictive internet policies. Last year in August 2016 China launched its quantum communications satellite known as Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS) or the ‘Sagnac’ interferometer from Jinan, East in China. The satellite produced photons and propelled them towards two different observatories which were 1203kms apart from each other on earth while the satellite was 500 and 2000km away respectively. Since its launch QUESS was able to establish hack-proof communications by transmitting unhackable keys (encrypted information sent through entangled photons) from space to earth (through laser communications) at 500kms distance from earth. The key was embedded into the photons and sent before the encrypted message through a method known as quantum key distribution (QKD).

The mechanism:

Quantum communications use quantum entanglement for communications, where photons cannot be defined individually as they are entangled; and any change in the state of one photon automatically affects the other photon even if it is a light year apart. The usual distance where photons can react to each other has been 100kms apart as they tend to get lost in the dense atmosphere above the earth. Further, in case of any event of eavesdropping, the sender/receiver will feel the disturbance and the information will collapse or self-destruct. The network launched between Beijing and Shanghai and is touted as completely 'unhackable.'

The first 'commercial quantum private communication network' was built by the Chinese Government in Shandong (capital of Jinan). It will be used by over government and other official for phone and data communication services. These quantum channels will be used to send encrypted messages embedded within light (photons)

The effect:

This network is further expected to be used in energy, broadcasting, military and TV sectors and is expected to up avenues for a new market of over $7.54 billion in the next five years. For now, China has launched the world's first unhackable computer network between Beijing and Shanghai which are around 1500kms apart and will be used in the field of electronics, finance, and government affairs. The network is expected to be a part of daily life in about 10 years, making information and data exchange secure, especially in banking and payments.Europe plans to invest 550 million euros in quantum technology.Other countries such as the US are also in the race for establishing their own quantum networks. The quantum communication network is also expected to change cryptography as currently, they seem less reliable.

Blockchain and Real Estate:

In India, SREI Infrastructure Finance is also exploring possibilities of acquiring technology from Russia in a hope to revamp its cybersecurity. Russia is planning to develop this blockchain with the use of quantum cryptography and quantum data transfer system to make it ‘hack-free’. Rather than digital signatures, special blocks signed by quantum keys will be created. According to Alex Fedorov of, developer of quantum cryptography device, Russian Quantum Center said: "The Quantum-secured block chain works as a decentralized distributed database to protect against malicious modifications of things like cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. Transactions must be signed by initiators of the digital signature, while blocks are linked and secured by hash functions."

For the real estate sector, this technology comes as a boon as blockchain cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum) secures real estate transactions from frauds and intermediations. Blockchain increases efficiencies, cut costs and enables secure direct peer-to-peer payments. This eliminates the middlemen such as lawyers, notaries and other government officials involved in the CRE transaction; providing respite to the stakeholders involved.

With the promise of absolute security, the rise of quantum communication and cryptography systems is an inevitable conclusion.

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