Energy Management in CRE in Post Construction Phase

Energy Management In CRE | Vestian
The previous article talked about energy management in CRE during construction. Here, we talk about how to best manage and conserve energy in post-construction phase. Building management can be very complex, as it involves multiple systems working together at the same time. Seamless management of these systems leads to smooth operations.   So here are […]

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Energy management in the CRE

Buildings account for 40% of the world’s energy usage. That being the case, focusing on sustainable practices and green energy generation in the construction industry will have a positive impact on the environment. Why the sudden rise in demand for Green buildings? The consequences of increasing carbon footprint such as scarcity of clean drinking water, […]

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Top Trends in CRE

Physical retail spaces are here to stay in the long run. We saw a boom in the online retail space last year, but things will take a U-turn this year. Customer behavior indicates not all customers wish to purchase products online via websites or e-commerce platforms. So physical retail spaces remain a potential area of […]

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The real estate industry in India is going through what can be described at best as ‘interesting times’.  Policy changes in 2017 led to a lot of expectations of 2018, including easing of teething problems with RERA and GST .and a new order of transparency and efficiency. While 2018 lived up to a fair number […]

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The Autonomous Impact

Who would have thought that autonomous vehicles or driverless vehicles would exist, leave alone be a part of our everyday lives? With The Netherlands, China, Switzerland and California (US)  testing self-driving public transportation options autonomous vehicles are likely to be a reality sooner than later. Offering a stress-free commute, end of parking hassles and freeing up […]

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Tenant Improvement

Tenant improvement allowance is an important factor in lease negotiations. It is a type of agreement that states that the landlord will compensate the tenant for all or a portion of funds required to fit-out in the leased commercial space. When entering into a new lease agreement, both tenants and landlords need to be clear […]

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Agile Workplace

As companies focus more on about how employees work and what they need to be effective, the concept of agile organisation is emerging as the new dominant organisation paradigm. Companies from startups and online businesses to world-class organizations such as Google and Deloitte have started employing the ideas of agile, where employees can complete work […]

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Demand for Medical Office Spaces on the Rise in the US

While the absorption rate of office spaces is slowing down, the absorption rate for healthcare sector office spaces has increased drastically. The vacancy rate has shown a similar trend when comparing the medical office buildings and the overall office market, though construction of new healthcare facilities and buildings has not increased much, many investors are […]

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