Tenant Improvement

Tenant improvement allowance is an important factor in lease negotiations. It is a type of agreement that states that the landlord will compensate the tenant for all or a portion of funds required to fit-out in the leased commercial space. When entering into a new lease agreement, both tenants and landlords need to be clear […]

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Agile Workplace

As companies focus more on about how employees work and what they need to be effective, the concept of agile organisation is emerging as the new dominant organisation paradigm. Companies from startups and online businesses to world-class organizations such as Google and Deloitte have started employing the ideas of agile, where employees can complete work […]

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Demand for Medical Office Spaces on the Rise in the US

While the absorption rate of office spaces is slowing down, the absorption rate for healthcare sector office spaces has increased drastically. The vacancy rate has shown a similar trend when comparing the medical office buildings and the overall office market, though construction of new healthcare facilities and buildings has not increased much, many investors are […]

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Intellectual Property and Data Protection in Today’s World

Consider this, a firm contracts an employee from an IT company to work on a project. After completion of the project, the contract employee publishes the code written for the project on a public platform online. This is not a hypothetical scenario, but something that has actually happened. Another instance is that of Chinese intelligence […]

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Ghost Kitchen and The Impact on Commercial Real Estate

After a hectic day at work, the last thing one would want to do is to cook. So you grab your laptop and order in. While you may think the food is being whipped up at a nearby eatery, it’s increasingly likely you’re ordering from a ‘ghost’ kitchen with no physical location. Ghost kitchen, also […]

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Location data application for Commercial Real Estate Services

Amalgamation of technological innovations with the best business practices has changed the face of every industry, including the real estate sector and commercial real estate services. One of the tools available to the real estate industry is location software and data analytics. Application of location or spatial data sciences is no longer limited to GIS […]

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Concierge Services – Creating Better Workplace Experiences

  As the marketplace continues to be highly competitive, more and more attention is being paid to enhancing the workplace experience. Companies around the world are focused on creating a workplace that enables a culture of trust, boosts productivity and ultimately increases their business performance. Employers are cognizant of the fact that an effective work-life […]

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Sustainable Crypto Mining

With the advent of cryptocurrency, came crypto mining, the process in which transactions for various forms of cryptocurrency are verified and added to the blockchain digital ledger. Use of cryptocurrency and the technology behind it a.k.a blockchain have disrupted businesses, including CRE processes and systems which will get more efficient, secure, transparent and decentralized. Traditionally, […]

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How Blockchain is Disrupting Project Management in CRE

  This article looks at the impact of Blockchain on project management and project management services in india. While we have touched upon impact of Blockchain technology on brokerage services, what is its impact on project management? The decentralized public ledger, synonymous with blockchain finds application in Project Management, where there is a possibility to […]

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