Concierge Services – Creating Better Workplace Experiences

Posted on 2018-09-27
Concierge Services – Creating Better Workplace Experiences


As the marketplace continues to be highly competitive, more and more attention is being paid to enhancing the workplace experience. Companies around the world are focused on creating a workplace that enables a culture of trust, boosts productivity and ultimately increases their business performance.

Employers are cognizant of the fact that an effective work-life balance helps to increase employee productivity. Creating positive workplace experiences can help a company elevate its identity in the eyes of its employees.

But is that the only reason a company builds successful workplace experiences?

Every employee wants to feel that they matter, and companies that invest in benefits can create a positive environment. Benefits play a large role in keeping employees happy and engaged. But given the growing expectations of the workforce, companies need to go beyond health care and paid sick leave. Consider benefits that help employees balance the demands of work and personal commitments, THINK CONCIERGE!

Who likes chores? Imagine, if there was a dedicated team that could do your mundane tasks, at no additional cost, freeing you and your weekends of the drudgery. Wouldn’t you want that?

Most people believe concierge services are exclusive to 5-star hotels and high-end apartments. But today, many companies offer employee concierge service to make their employees’ lives easier. The biggest reason for having a corporate concierge is employees want things done but don't have the time to do them. They have accumulated so much stuff--both in the workplace and at their homes that dealing with such everyday problems can cause aggravation and stress for many busy workers. Imagine if a few tasks, such as picking up the dry cleaning, paying bills or getting an oil change, could be handled by a concierge, staff can be more focused, happier as well as more productive.

Currently, concierge programs run by different companies for office spaces include onsite errand runners, dry cleaning, car wash, vacation planning, and travel booking, discounted tickets and entertainment, and information and resources for any personal need. Providing amenities such as these, show that the company cares. It helps employees understand the efforts put in by the company towards their well-being. It’s an ideal way to show that you value them and their contribution.

Employee concierge service has become an additional value-add for any business. The biggest advantage of concierge service is the amount of time it affords the employees. This directly affects their work by making them better performers, increasing their productivity and satisfaction levels, decreasing absenteeism, which all leads to a better work/life balance. Given the impact these benefits have on recruitment, retention, engagement, and performance, corporate concierge services are becoming increasingly popular for companies of all sizes and across multiple industries.

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