The Future of Luxury Retail

Traditionally luxury retailers have relied heavily on brick and mortar stores to drive sales. These showrooms or stores offer potential buyers a high-end experience aligned to the brand, and are typically located in upscale, exclusive neigbourhoods/areas that command premium rentals. However, in the current situation with little or no sales, affording rent is a problem […]

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The Changing Face of Digital E-commerce

One of the country’s largest industries – contributing 10% to the GDP and accounting for almost 8% of employment, the USD 854 billion worth Indian retail sector was hit severely by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With social distancing and lockdowns put in place in order to contain the virus, consumer spending on leisure […]

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Digital Twin in Facility Management

As complex and multifaceted as Digital Twin technology may seem, it is already proving to be a game-changer in the world of Facility Management or FM services. Before we dive deeper into the role and importance of this technology, let us first understand the meaning of a Digital Twin. As the name suggests a Digital […]

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Multipurpose Spaces

There has been a shift from traditional workplaces with cubicles, fixed walls to open offices with an open floorplate and shared working environment. Today, it is no surprise for companies to hold a major team meeting in the middle of an open work area and later have a celebration in the same space. There lies […]

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