Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain

All In Supply Chain Management
In this two part series of articles, we take a look at the effect of AI on Supply Chain Management (SCM) and its two components Logistics and Warehousing, and its impact on Commercial Real Estate industry. This article deals with SCM which involves managing the entire gamut of activities such as buying, selling and/or leasing […]

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The rise of AI in Construction Technology

Construction Technology
It is no secret that Artificial intelligence and other technologies have disrupted the current business scape and changed the way business is conducted. The construction industry is no exception.  Use of newer technologies has helped optimise operations including risk management, subcontractor management, schedule management, construction site environment monitoring, and security. Currently, the construction industry is beset […]

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The Rise & Growth of Industrial Real Estate

Industrial Real Estate
Commercial real estate is not limited to offices and retail spaces, but also includes industrial real estate. Unlike other commercial real estate investments, industrial properties are long-term investments that provide more stability. Depending on their location and use, industrial spaces can classified as – Manufacturing – A major chunk of real estate land for industrial use […]

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Forward-looking data

Forward Looking Data | Vestian
Forward-looking data (FLD) is used to forecast future business conditions to better align present business practices for greater success. Financial projections, future goals, schemes for planned operations and estimates of future economic performance, all fall under the course of action that are planned under FLD. Data analysis is made through assumptions about current business practices, […]

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An Introduction to Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) can adjust people’s daily rhythms and improve their motivation, well-being and productivity. The science behind this concept is fairly direct – creating lighting solutions that bear an impact on the mood, productivity and enhance the user’s experience of the space. But how? With new lighting system, companies can set the lighting […]

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Smart Cities and CRE: Vestian Leads the Discussion

How will smart cities and smart buildings impact commercial real estate? Vestian brought together government and transit leaders, corporate real estate end users, top legal minds, and industry veterans with Smart Cities experts Melanie Nutter and Brenna Berman to discuss this exciting and evolving topic. Melanie opened the discussion by describing the potential environmental benefits of […]

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