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Redefining The Workplace: Privacy & Collaboration

Workplace design has witnessed a drastic transformation over the past decade. In the post pandemic situation, the focus is more on providing a work environment that is fluid and creates a balance without any regimental demarcations. In fact, design trends of 2021 portend towards making employees more comfortable and providing them with a work environment […]

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Retro Design Trends

Workplace – The term often connotes a place that is serene and designed minimally with clean lines, in order to facilitate unwavering focus. Well, times are changing, and so are the expectations from the workplace how it should look and feel like. Today, a large number of companies are willing to try out workplace designs […]

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Neighbourhood Spaces

The 1st quarter of 2020 brought about a radical shift in the way workplaces function, with close to 70% of the workforce switching to a Work-From-Home format almost overnight. While this led business owners to contemplate the need for office space, it also made everyone realise the importance of one-on-one interactions, and camaraderie, especially that […]

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Making Biophilia Work For You

Biophilia has been gaining popularity over the years and we have seen many organisations incorporating biophilic elements in their workspaces. Biophilic design is not just about plants and greenery, it is also the use of natural materials. It allows humans to not only be around nature, but use it to preserve physical, spiritual, and mental […]

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The New Workplace & Modular Architecture

With easily 70% of employees working from physical offices before the onset of COVID-19, to only the frontline workers reporting to their workplaces amidst the crisis, to finally at least a fourth of the workforce planning to return to work – the office has witnessed quite a radical shift since the beginning of 2020. While […]

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Automation & Robotics in Construction

While the global construction industry has witnessed some major developments in the field of automation, its  adoption on a wider scale has been far from promising. In the times of the pandemic, when it is crucial to remotely manage on-site labourers while ensuring strict adherence to mandatory health checks as well as adequate social distancing […]

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Flexibility – an important attribute of an innovative workplace.

Technology is many things to many people. While often blamed for breakdown in inter- personal contact, it has the opposite impact in the work sphere. Not only has it broken down geographical barriers, it has allowed for better cohesion amongst a diverse stakeholder group. It has enabled a kind of flexibility and collaboration that has […]

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Sustainable construction, including reuse,refurbishment, as well as recycling of materials, is highly popular and currently, dominating the real estatesector, the world over. Recycled and reclaimed material are increasingly being used in architecture to create stunning and efficient spaces. One such term is Cargotecture, which is a portmanteau of cargo containers and architecture. This innovative form […]

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Going for the right Building Certification

In the recent past we have witnessed an increase in awareness about the environmental impact of construction activities, prompting realtors to be more conscious of the materials and methods used during construction. Sustainability and the impact of built environment, as well as the health of its occupants are being a given serious consideration. Thus, building […]

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