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The Changing Workplace Experience

Until recently, workplaces were designed to encourage employees to engage in various activities which helped progress both, individual and organizational goals. This was made possible by creating multiple flexible spaces across the office floor, ensuring that an employee isn’t confined to his/her desk through the day, and is motivated to move around within the office […]

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Blurred Lines: Defining the Balance Between Physical Space and Remote Work

COVID-19 has changed the way people physically interact with real estate. The longer the pandemic persists, the more likely we are to see lasting behavioral changes in the way businesses operate and work. Physical quarantine and social distancing have impacted businesses, their employees, and their customers everywhere. The importance of digitization has exploded world-wide. Digital […]

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Challenges in Supply Chain Management

Right from the onset of the worldwide pandemic, and the restrictions on international cargo movement, the global supply chain has been adversely impacted. The findings of a Fortune Report suggests supply chain disruptions in 94% of the Fortune 1000 companies, unraveling an extremely grim situation. One of the major reasons for this is extensive reliability […]

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Are You Ready For Remote Work?

With COVID-19 impacting communities and businesses around the globe, many organizations are taking preventive measures by allowing their employees to work from home. While this is an effective measure in preventing the spread of illness, many companies aren’t prepared for the major shift in office culture. With a large percentage of the workforce newly working […]

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