Workplace Stress- How to deal with it?

Stress is not viewed negatively, till the time it exceeds comfort levels. Numerous studies show that excessive workplace stress interferes with an employee’s productivity and performance, and this trend has escalated progressively over the past few years. The primary drivers of increased level of job stress are long hours, tight deadlines, ever-increasing demands and having […]

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Workplace Trends- More Health, More Wellness

Workplace is evolving and organizations are fostering a more employee-friendly environment. With greater technological advancement, it is easy to communicate and collaborate with people all over the world. To encourage effective participation, organizations are incorporating entrepreneurial programs that help employees think and act like entrepreneurs, undertaking complete ownership of their projects. Key workplace trends of […]

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A look at some Startup Initiatives around the world

A few initiatives undertaken around the world to promote and sustain startups: India: ‘Startup India’ initiative was launched to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. Under the Startup India Action Plan, the Government of India has certified 20 private organizations as incubators. The latest to join the incubator list are Nasscom and iSPIRT. As of now, 278 […]

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Spelling out the Union Budget 2016-17

~By Mr. Shrinivas Rao, CEO-Asia Pacific, Vestian~ The Union Budget struck a fine balance between being “populist and reformist”. From a real estate sector standpoint, almost all segments—from housing to investments in SEZs and retail are expected to benefit from the proposed bill.  From an expectation of the industry vis-a-vis the budget announcement, here are […]

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