‘Bots’ will help you buy a house

Organizations are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to assist in improved and efficient business decisions, and provide timely and relevant customer support. This new era of natural language technology has ushered in the use of ‘Chatbots’ or ‘Bots’ for businesses. Post the introduction of Facebook’s chatbots and their efficiency, they have been looked upon as a […]

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Integrating Technology and Human Resources at the Workplace

Technological disruption has changed the way we work today. In this digitally connected environment, collaboration, communication and innovation are key to success of any business venture; and HR is the driving force behind this knowledge transformation. HR needs to maintain an equilibrium between managing employee expectations and business objectives. On one hand, businesses require HR […]

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Open Offices – A Boon or A Bane?

Open offices have been synonymous with flexibility, communication and collaboration. However, they are slowly losing their purpose and possibly the very thing they intended to accomplish, especially due to ever increasing complaints from employees about noise and clutter. As the saying goes “One size doesn’t fits all,” it just maybe true in the case of […]

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