What does it mean to go Asset Light?

Businesses are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to scale up faster effectively and efficiently. This has given rise many alternate models of operations, including the concept of going asset light. Companies go asset light by owning fewer capital assets compared to their operational assets. By reducing the number of capital assets such as land and building, plant and […]

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The Top Three Office Hotspot In Chennai

Chennai, capital of Tamil Nadu is one of the prime investment destinations in South India. It is popular with many industries including IT/ ITeS industry, retail and automotive and ancillary parts. What makes it attractive is not only the availability of huge land parcels, good social infrastructure and development of new projects and initiatives by […]

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3D printing in Commercial Real Estate

3D printing: To put it simply, 3D printing is the technique of creating physical objects from digital data (ideas/designs), often in a matter of hours. 3D printing is also referred to as Additive Manufacturing because the process involves creating an object layer by layer….saving cost, time, material and effort. The object can be anything from […]

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Making Your Workplace Work For You

The ever-evolving job market and workforce demographics are making it a challenge for employers to find the right employment strategy. A 2016 survey by Gallup indicated that worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged in the organization that they work for. Employee engagement has become integral to organizations as there exists a direct correlation between […]

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How Can Companies Benefit From IoT?

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday life and changed our lives. Introduction of IoT has furthered efficiency to an extent where remote offices halfway across the world, can be managed with little or no human intervention. With as little investment as one IoT sensor per square foot in a  building; companies can […]

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Gear Up For A Connected Future

Internet of Things(IoT) is helping industries grow significantly as consumers; businesses and governments recognize the benefit of connecting inert devices through technology. Simply put, development and availability of internet in which everyday objects are interconnected to each other via the internet, accessing them to send and receive data has opened infinite possibilities. Combined with analytics, […]

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Top Three Business Locations In Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana is one of the most sought-after cities in Southern India. Known as a melting pot of new businesses and established enterprises, the city has a positive attitude towards real estate development, enhanced by key infrastructure initiatives undertaken. This has led to an unprecedented growth in the commercial real estate of […]

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