Sustainability & E-commerce

Given the rising popularity of e-commerce and the change in the buying pattern of the customer with e-commerce accounting for a larger chunk of purchases worldwide, it is only fair that we look at the sustainability of the industry. Packaging and shipping or logistics are two areas of concern where sustainable best practices can go a long way […]

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One of the top design trends today, psychographics is changing the way workplaces are designed. It is doing away with the world of uncertainty and becoming a keystone in the decision making process. While demographics deals with gender, age, income, education, marital status, race etc., psychographics deals with the attitudes, values and opinions, daily habits, […]

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2020: Expectations for The Road Ahead

The year 2019 proved to be a rather staid roller coaster ride for the real estate industry, with its share of ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ devoid of the convulsive stir that the industry had witnessed during the period 2016-2018. This, perhaps, is a sign that the industry is gradually inching towards normalcy and the dust created […]

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Mixed-Use Redevelopment Opportunities – A Gold Mine?

Buildings, like any other product, have a lifecycle – typically with an effective lifespan of about 60-70 years, which might be lesser for industrial structures. Older properties, such as dilapidated multi-family residential complexes, office spaces, shopping centers, manufacturing plants, etc. tend to stand out like sore spots and run the risk of collapse, creating potential […]

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Questions to ponder upon while planning an Office Space.

There are various aspects that impact the design of the workspace. Work environment, the type of work and even the way in which work is undertaken has changed. Similarly space availability, interaction between different departments and employees, the type of work as well as the requirement for collaboration are all factors to be considered while […]

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Flexibility – an important attribute of an innovative workplace.

Technology is many things to many people. While often blamed for breakdown in inter- personal contact, it has the opposite impact in the work sphere. Not only has it broken down geographical barriers, it has allowed for better cohesion amongst a diverse stakeholder group. It has enabled a kind of flexibility and collaboration that has […]

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Three Ways Autonomous Vehicles are Impacting Industrial Real Estate

As companies analyze the future of their businesses, it’s important to consider the impact of autonomous vehicles moving forward. The industrial real estate industry has always been dependent on technology advancements, which bring new and exciting opportunities to the sector. Over the years, the industry has reaped the benefits of virtual walkthroughs, big data and blockchain, […]

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Urban Farming and Commercial Real Estate

Urban Farming | Vestian
Urban farming, a fast-growing trend that can provide a possible solution to future food security and promote a greener lifestyle. The concept is also referred to as urban agriculture and encompasses growing food for urban dwellers within city limits. This includes vertical, terrace and balcony farming as well as optimal use of land by residential […]

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