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Challenges in Supply Chain Management

Right from the onset of the worldwide pandemic, and the restrictions on international cargo movement, the global supply chain has been adversely impacted. The findings of a Fortune Report suggests supply chain disruptions in 94% of the Fortune 1000 companies, unraveling an extremely grim situation. One of the major reasons for this is extensive reliability […]

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One of the top design trends today, psychographics is changing the way workplaces are designed. It is doing away with the world of uncertainty and becoming a keystone in the decision making process. While demographics deals with gender, age, income, education, marital status, race etc., psychographics deals with the attitudes, values and opinions, daily habits, […]

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Mixed-Use Redevelopment Opportunities – A Gold Mine?

Buildings, like any other product, have a lifecycle – typically with an effective lifespan of about 60-70 years, which might be lesser for industrial structures. Older properties, such as dilapidated multi-family residential complexes, office spaces, shopping centers, manufacturing plants, etc. tend to stand out like sore spots and run the risk of collapse, creating potential […]

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Smart Cities: Government initiatives and funding

4th article in the series focuses on Government initiatives and funding of Smart Cities in India The objective of the smart city mission is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure, decent quality of life, clean & sustainable environment and include application of ‘smart solutions’. Government has come up with various initiatives to support the […]

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Smart Cities- Strategies adopted by the Smart Cities’ Mission

3rd article in the series features various strategies adopted by the Smart Cities’ Mission to improve, revive, extend & create a smarter India Technology with democratic governance has paved a way for economic growth in India. The Smart Cities Initiative aims to rejuvenate the identity/ character of many existing Tier 1, Tier 2 cities and […]

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