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Net Zero Carbon Vs Net Zero Energy

Given the drastic climate change and its cascading effect, UNFCCC’s   Paris Agreement requires all countries to take climate action, to keep global warming well below 2°C by drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Construction and operation of a building accounts for nearly 36% of the total global energy used, of which 39% of energy expended is related […]

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Space Differentiators

Space differentiators of yesterday, like grand lobbies, fitness center, outdoor gathering spaces or smart elevators were envisioned to add value to the office spaces. In fact, for a while it did, till the modern worker stopped seeing value in these. Furthermore, if we consider the use of such facilities and compare it with the cost […]

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Coliving in the shared economy

Coliving, perhaps the hottest trend after co-working, is being fueled by the rise in a shared economy. Spearheaded by millennials– students and young professionals alike, the concept means different things to different people. Coliving spaces, are nothing but shared accommodations providing plug-n-play rooms with facilities & amenities such as in-house cooks, wi-fi, laundry services, security […]

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Virtual Technology in Commercial Real Estate

As virtual technology becomes more affordable, accessible and easy to use, it is also gaining greater popularity with real estate developers. Comprehensive virtual open-house tours are gaining traction as a person living thousands of miles away can easily visit and select office spaces without physically travelling to the location. This trend is saving travel cost, […]

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The Current Global Economic Trends

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), in its latest World Economic Outlook, has pared the global growth forecast from last October’s estimate. The global economy is now projected to grow 3.5% in 2019 and 3.6% in 2020, 0.2 and 0.1 percentage points below the last estimate. The projection is backed up by a list of downside […]

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Facilities Management Services Market – An Overview

It is forecasted that the FM market is to see rapid growth in the next five years, with the APAC region becoming the largest FM market in the world by 2025 driven by economic growth, commercial construction and a rising culture of services outsourcing. This being the case, firms have come to realize that partnering […]

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Energy management in the CRE

Buildings account for 40% of the world’s energy usage. That being the case, focusing on sustainable practices and green energy generation in the construction industry will have a positive impact on the environment. Why the sudden rise in demand for Green buildings? The consequences of increasing carbon footprint such as scarcity of clean drinking water, […]

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Top Trends in CRE

Physical retail spaces are here to stay in the long run. We saw a boom in the online retail space last year, but things will take a U-turn this year. Customer behavior indicates not all customers wish to purchase products online via websites or e-commerce platforms. So physical retail spaces remain a potential area of […]

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The real estate industry in India is going through what can be described at best as ‘interesting times’.  Policy changes in 2017 led to a lot of expectations of 2018, including easing of teething problems with RERA and GST .and a new order of transparency and efficiency. While 2018 lived up to a fair number […]

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The Autonomous Impact

Who would have thought that autonomous vehicles or driverless vehicles would exist, leave alone be a part of our everyday lives? With The Netherlands, China, Switzerland and California (US)  testing self-driving public transportation options autonomous vehicles are likely to be a reality sooner than later. Offering a stress-free commute, end of parking hassles and freeing up […]

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