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Rethinking Organisation Strategies: Change in Location & Space Needs

The COVID-19 outbreak has been one of the most significant disruptions that has hit the real estate industry, leading to a 360 degree turn in perspective on many factors, that were hitherto accepted as constant. . Endeavouring to navigate through these rough waters, organisations have been led to take stock of their operations, re-align themselves […]

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Wearable Technology at the Workplace

There was a time when wearable technology was synonymous with smart watches, that too, mainly as a self-care product. However, the onset of COVID-19 has brought about a radical change in this market. Today, workplaces      are taking every possible effort to ensure the wellbeing of their employees not only whilst they are at […]

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ESG- Responsible Investment & Real Estate

This year once again, World Environment Day on June 5th, served as a stark reminder that important changes are needed to increase awareness and action for protecting the environment.  With the ongoing pandemic, the core issue of sustainability has been brought back into focus; and is now high on the agenda of all stakeholders and […]

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Internet of Behaviour – Providing Valuable Insights

Today there are 17.1 billion IoT devices in operation. This coupled with rapid progress in machine learning abilities, has paved the way for a new technology IoB (Internet of Behavior).  An extension of IoT, data is collected from multiple IoT devices and modelled to gain insights into users’ behaviour, interests, and preferences, Existing technologies like facial recognition, […]

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Navigating work with Voice-enabled technology

Voice-enabled virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri right from turning on the lights to searching something, they provide ease of navigation. Given this we are seeing voice enable technology making its way more into the office space itself. Multi-modal workstations with visual and aural methods of input are gaining much importance. Voice-enabled workstations […]

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Technology & The Future of Workplace

While thinking technology integration at the workplace, most of us only focus on boosting employee productivity and profitability. However, this is not the case today. Given the current situation, we are most likely going to witness a complete revolution in terms of safety and healthcare programmes at the workplace, and technology is going to play […]

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The Future of Luxury Retail

Traditionally luxury retailers have relied heavily on brick and mortar stores to drive sales. These showrooms or stores offer potential buyers a high-end experience aligned to the brand, and are typically located in upscale, exclusive neigbourhoods/areas that command premium rentals. However, in the current situation with little or no sales, affording rent is a problem […]

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The Changing Face of Digital E-commerce

One of the country’s largest industries – contributing 10% to the GDP and accounting for almost 8% of employment, the USD 854 billion worth Indian retail sector was hit severely by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With social distancing and lockdowns put in place in order to contain the virus, consumer spending on leisure […]

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